Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LR211 Legal Research Service

Dear Friends:

 We get a lot of emails asking us legal questions.  While we are not a law firm and do not have lawyers working for us, we have now entered into contract with some Para-legal research assistants.  These assistants will be able to research your legal issues and provide you with information of case-laws which control the precise legal matter and also will be able to comment on the soundness of your legal issue.  But, the legal research is currently limited to Federal Criminal and Civil law and United States Constitutional issues only.

 So if you are pre-trial inmate who wants to make certain that your lawyer is not misguiding you in any legal matter, or you are currently in your direct appeal or post conviction proceedings and want to confirm that the issue you have in your mind is a valid legal argument, or you just want to have a second opinion of the legal issue you have in your mind, you can send us a request with the following information to (Please mention service code as LR211 in the subject line)

 1. Your Full Name

2. Name of Your District Court

3. Briefly explain your Legal Issue.

 We will then forward your request to the legal researcher to provide you the relevant case-law and comments. (Please note that this would NOT be a legal advice). It would normally take about 48-72 hours to research your issue and send the response to you. The fees for this service would be $50 (to be paid in advance) for each legal issue you want our assistants to research. Once the researcher spends time in research for a topic, the fees cannot be refunded to you. Though, we are confident that you will be pleased with the results provided by our researchers.




 Appeal Help Team

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