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LR201-210 - Legal Research Service

Dear Friends:

We are proud to announce you the start of our new Legal Research Service.  Hundreds of our AppealHelp subscribers responded to our previous survey and expressed their desire for the services. So here are the details:

The services offered are described below. You will be charged credit units according to the service requested. You have to buy credits from us BEFORE making any requests. The charges for Credit Units are: $50 for 10 Units; $100 for 20 Units and $200 for 50 units.  Please make checks payable to "Access Legal Aide."  The address for sending the Subscription Money for buying legal research credits is:

       Access Legal Aide
       Attn: Legal Research Unit
          P.O. Box 703
       Ambler, PA 19002

You also have to enter our email address ( which we will approve within a day. Following that, you can send any request from the following services through your BOP TRULINCS email account.  All requests made to us will be processed and the legal documents will be SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT WITHIN 24 HOURS (except Sundays) of receipt.


SERVICE NO.            :  LR201      
COST OF SERVICE   : 1 Credit

This service will provide you the current docket sheet of any Criminal/Civil case filed in the United States District Court. To order the docket sheet of a case, please provide the following information in your request:

1. Court Name:  (Example: District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania)
2. Case Number:  (Example 09-cr-00165  or 10-cv-2165)
3. Case Name:  (Provide full name of the Parties: Example USA v. JOHN DOE)
4. Full Name of the Defendant: Please provide First Name-Last Name in order to ensure that the correct results are sent to you.
5. Defendant Number:  In criminal cases, if the indictment lists multiple defendants, please indicate the defendant number)

SERVICE TYPE   :  Copies of Motions/Memoranda filed in the Civil/Criminal Cases in Federal District Court
SERVICE No.     : LR202
Cost of Service : 4 Credits

This service will provide you the complete copies of Motions/briefs/memorandum of law filed in the District Court by any party. To order the copy of any such filing, please provide all the information as mentioned above for obtaining the case docket sheet (Service No.: LR201) along with the following additional information:

1. Date the Motion/Memorandum was filed.
2. Docket Number of the Filing (If Available).
3. Type of the Filing: (Example: Motion to Suppress; Motion to dismiss)
4. Are any exhibits attached to the motion and required by you: In certain cases, the exhibits are scanned and filed or are handwritten and thus cannot be downloaded in text form. Additional costs (See below) will be charged for printing and sending those documents within 5-7 working days to your institution by postal mail.

SERVICE TYPE   : Case Docket Sheets from Federal Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court
SERVICE No.     : LR203
Cost of Service : 1 Credit

This service will provide you current case docket sheet from any of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. To order a docket sheet of a case from these courts, please provide us the following information in your request:

1. Name of the Court: (Example: Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit)
2. Case Number : Format xx-xxxxx  (The first two numbers represent the year and the next 4-5 numbers represent the case number.
3. Full name of the Case: (Example: USA v. JOHN DOE  or JANE DOE v. JOHN DOE)
4. Full Name of the Appellant:(Example: BOB DOE)
5. Any other information which will aid in narrowing search.

SERVICE TYPE   : Copies of Briefs Filed in the Court of Appeals
SERVICE No.     : LR204
Cost of Service : 6 Credits

This service will provide you the complete copies of the Motions/Briefs filed in the Court of Appeals. If a brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court is needed, please provide us 2-3 working days (instead of 24 hours) to send you the same. To order the copy of the Appellate filing, please provide us the following information:

1. All the information as stated above for ordering Case docket from the Appeals Court/Supreme Court.
2. Date of the filing of Brief/Motion.
3. Type of Brief : (Example - Appellant's Brief, Appellee's Response Brief, Appellant's reply brief, Etc.)

NOTE: The Appendix in almost all the cases reaches hundreds of pages and cannot be downloaded. If the appendix is downloadable, we will inform you about the availability. Also remember, if it is not in the text form and cannot be sent to you through emails. If you want to order the paper copies of the Appendix, additional printing and Postal costs will be charged and delivery of documents will be made to your institution within 5-7 working days. (see Below).

SERVICE TYPE   : Background Check and Criminal Records Check
SERVICE No.     : LR208
Cost of Service : 10 Credits

This service will provide you background reports of any person including Criminal background Report, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, property ownership, address history, phone numbers, relatives and associates, neighbors, marriage/divorce records and more. To Order this service, please provide us the following information in your request:

1. First Name (Required)
2. Middle name (optional)
3. Last Name (Required)
4. Current/Previous Address (optional)
5. City (optional)
6. State (Required)
7. Date of Birth (Required for Criminal Background Check)

NOTE: Criminal Background Report includes felony, misdemeanor, Federal, State and County offenses on anyone. An arrest does not create a criminal record. The person must be convicted of a crime to have a criminal record. The criminal records are not available if the records are expunged, not yet entered in records, or are sealed by the court.

SERVICE TYPE   : State Constitutions, Statutes, Regulations, Court Rules, etc.
SERVICE No.     : LR209
Cost of Service : 1 Credit

This service will provide you all the information about State Constitution, Statutes, regulations and Court Rules. To order this service, please provide us with the following information:

1. Name of the State
2. Citation of Statute/Court Rule/etc. which you want.
3. Any other information to narrow the search or make the search more specific to your needs.

SERVICE TYPE   : State Appellate Court Opinions
SERVICE No.     : LR210
Cost of Service : 2 Credits

This service will provide you case law from any appellate court within the 50 States in the United States. To order this service, please provide us with the following information:

1. Name of the State
2. Name of the Court (Example: Superior Court or 3rd Appellate district, etc)
3. Name of the Case (Example : State v. John Doe or Oregon v. John Doe)
4. Citation of the Case (please provide the correct citation)
5. Year of the Case.
6. Any other information to enable us provide you the specific court opinion you are looking for.


(1) All services will be provided within 24 hours of your request (with the Exception of Sundays or in any event our vendor's websites are not working). All requests sent on Saturdays will be responded to on Monday. Some delay may result if Corrlinks or Trulincs systems are shut down.  If we are unable to find the legal matter that you have requested, you will be notified within 24 hours and will be asked to provide us correct information or other search parameters so that we are able to assist you.

(2) Federal Cases are currently available through your Bureau of Prisons Lexis-Nexis System. If the cases are not available in your law library, we will get them sent to your email for a fee of 1 credit.  Moreover, if you require our Legal Encyclopedia Service or want Legal Forms, please send us your request. If we are able to process your request through our vendor, you will get the information within 24 hours for a fee of 1 credit.

(3) If you require printed copies of the legal documents, we will charge a fee of 30 Cents per page ($0.30/page) for printing costs and $5.00 to mail you the legal documents through Priority Mail. The estimated delivery would be made within 5-7 working days of the request.

(4) Please be sure to accurately identify all cases when sending your request. We ask you NOT to send us bogus case names or search requests for information which doesn't exists. We will not charge any credits if we are unable to process your request.  However,  if we receive more than 5 incorrect requests, we will charge you 1 credit for the time spent by our legal researcher.

(5) You will receive email confirmation within 24 hours of receipt of your check. After that, you can immediately start sending your legal research requests.  You will be sent your account statement in the first week of every month. In an event you are sent to SHU or your TRULINCS privileges are taken by the BOP, please inform us immediately by normal postal mail whether you want your money to be refunded. We will refund your balance amount (less the cost of sending through Western Union) directly to your inmate account.

(6) Please do not request any services or order any materials that are not permitted at your institution or is intended to be used for an improper purpose. Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1521 and Section 119 provides criminal penalties for filing or conspiring to file UCC liens against federal officials. Therefore, we will NOT provide you any UCC filing information.

(7) Your access to legal materials is recognized by the First Amendment Right to Access to judicial proceedings and records, See Nixon v. Warner Commn's Inc., 435 U.S. 589, 597 (1978); Press-Enter. Co. v. Superior Court, 478 U.S. 1, 8 (1986).  If any prison staff objects to your legal research, we request you to educate the staff about your Constitutional rights and resolve the conflict through BOP's informal or formal administrative remedy program.

If you have any questions, please send us an email in or

Thank You


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